Free chicken strips!


This spending update is experiencing  technical difficulties (i.e. my free trial of Excel expired and I can’t log into Citibank), so please enjoy some free chicken strips on the house and check back soon. xoxo, Camille

POLL: Carpe Diem or Save for the Future?

Spending Challenge - Week 3

If I could describe myself in one word right now, it would be “exhausted”.  As motivated 20-somethings with expendable incomes (kindof?), we’re always filling our free time with some kind of hobby whether it’s hiking, climbing, camping, gardening, or blogging. We just got back from another great one-night backpacking trip this weekend, this time to [...]

Today We Live for 32


Two weeks ago today, I was having a bad morning.  It was bad only because I was running late (my own fault), I was feeling less than beautiful, and I was dreading spending another day at the office.  All reasons to be unhappy for sure, but not legitimate reasons to call it a “bad morning”. [...]

Spending Challenge – Week 2

Spending Challenge - Week 2

Currently in Day 15 of the #spendingchallenge and tracking expenses is starting to become more of a habit.  We’re still using Excel to track the numbers and build our simple graphs, and I also added in a tab to track our grocery spending and costs.  I think the grocery tab is pretty valuable because I [...]

Spending Challenge: Eating all our Money


 Hi all!  Hope you had a marvelous weekend! Our weekend was filled with a lot of relaxing and staying local. On Friday night, we went to the climbing gym and then popped in a few episodes of Breaking Bad on Netflix (we’ve loved this show, and now we’ve finally finished it!). Saturday we did some [...]

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