Today We Live for 32


Two weeks ago today, I was having a bad morning.  It was bad only because I was running late (my own fault), I was feeling less than beautiful, and I was dreading spending another day at the office.  All reasons to be unhappy for sure, but not legitimate reasons to call it a “bad morning”. [...]

Spending Challenge: Eating all our Money


 Hi all!  Hope you had a marvelous weekend! Our weekend was filled with a lot of relaxing and staying local. On Friday night, we went to the climbing gym and then popped in a few episodes of Breaking Bad on Netflix (we’ve loved this show, and now we’ve finally finished it!). Saturday we did some [...]

How Long Until You Can Retire?

I’ve been a bit pre-occupied in real-world things outside of the blog.  Things like camping, weight gain, trips home, and career growth.  Yup, a lot of things. But on that last note, I was having lunch with a few co-workers in the break room yesterday when I discovered how nervous many of them are about [...]

Spending Challenge – Week 1

Week 1

We are in day 7 of 30 in my April #spendingchallenge, and I’m not super comfortable with the numbers we have to share… but I’m going to do it anyway. We’ve… spent … A LOT! I mean… there were two highly irregular large ticket items this past week that I’ll talk about, but the dollars [...]

Spending Money and Climbing Mountains


For today’s post, I’m linking up with Katie’s Marvelous in my Monday series Marvelous is… finally tracking spending with my husband.  This week, I happened across a blog post from summer 2013 where I said my husband and I would finally start tracking money together.  Spoiler: we didn’t… until now. We started our April spending [...]

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